Introduction and Thank Yous

My story of advancing back in to collecting cards reads similarly to many other scribes in the blogosphere. I collected as a child in the overproduction era in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Nearly 20 years later I rummage through my old collection and the need to collect switch flips back on in my mind and I jump back in to the wonderful world of card collecting.

At this point I fancy myself as mainly a set collector. I jumped back in and built the 2010 Allen & Ginter base set along with the “This Day In History” subset. Since I began chasing this set about 5 months after the release date, it was fairly easy and cheap to track down all the necessary cards. The easiest and fastest way to track down my set was by far trading with members of the blogging community.  In no particular order, these blogs were instrumental in helping me complete my set:

Chris at Nachos Grande
Sean over at Condition Poor
The Troll as seen at Collective Troll
Chris from Stale Gum
Nick Jacoby operator of Cardboard Overload
David at é rayhahn rayhahn
Julie at Things are Funner Here
Kerry over at Cards on Cards
Shane running Off the Wall
Justin at The Hopeful Chase
John at Boxes of Cards

For some post in the future I’ll give a list of all the blogs that I have won a prize/card from in the past few months as that list is just as long. Other than making it easy to find trading partners, the thing I love the best about the other bloggers is their generosity. Whether they are having a free contest or simply including some cards they think you may like for your personal collection, almost every blogger is incredibly generous.

With the appropriate first thank yous out of the way, I’ll take the rest of this space to talk about my personal collection. Even though my main focus since jumping back in to the hobby has been set building, I still try and build my personal collection of the following teams/players: Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Steelers/Penguins/Pirates, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Eric Tangradi and others. Feel free to check out my want list or send me an email if you have anything you think I may like. Also, I am currently trying to build the 2009 UD Philadelphia base set, so feel free to check my needs list for any help you can give me there.

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