Requisite Gypsy Queen Post aka loaded blaster of Gypsy queen

I was undecided about whether or not I wanted to buy/chase any Gypsy Queen product. I was currently in the mode of saving for at least one hobby box of 2011 Allen & Ginter from the “fun money” that my wife and I allot ourselves each month. However, I stumbled across The Daily Dimwit’s blog and the group break of Gypsy Queen he put together. I figured that would be a cheap way to get a Gypsy Queen fix and throw in some other cards I hadn’t seen before. I grabbed the Pirates at a great discount and decided to let it ride.

Well lo and behold a couple days after his break when the cards show up and I was hooked. I decided that night that I had to go bust more Gypsy Queen. Swung by the local Target and found myself a blaster. It was the second blaster that I’ve opened since jumping back in to collecting in December of 2010 (the first being 2010 Allen & Ginter). Out of the 8 retail packs included, I was hoping to score one hit of any kind to trade for more of the base cards. Not only did I pull out one hit, but I managed two. An auto of Neftali Feliz and a bat relic of Dustin Pedroia. I was extremely satisfied to say the least!

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