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I’ve had a huge (compartively speaking) jump in blog traffic recently. I was added to a blogroll of someone whom I would consider to be high-profile in the exclusive world of baseball card blogging (Thanks dayf over at

In addition to that, I won a contest over at and that has driven traffic here as well.  It will most likely seem measly to other bloggers out there, but it has been pretty cool seeing my little blog receive 12-15 unique site visits each day now for about a week.

I’m still trying to get things figured out with wordpress and their site.  Trying to optimize my page for both easy reading and page views.  I also need to purchase a scanner (or at least take some pictures) so I can start adding some color to my posts.

Finally, I am in the final stages of putting together a simple contest.  Just want to make sure I have prizes set up and ready to go before I throw a post up, but it should come soon.

Thanks to all those out there that are reading and keep checking back so I can watch my page views climb.

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2 Responses to Blog Traffic

  1. Ryan G says:

    Wow, it’s interesting and flattering to know that my site is driving a little traffic somewhere else! Blog rolls certainly help drive traffic to other sites.

    Do me a favor, please, and send me an email with your address so I can mail off your contest wins! And keep at it, things will grow as people find your site. (Having pictures certainly helps.)

  2. Email me if you want some help getting hits to your site. I have no problem helping out a fellow blogger if they want some more traffic. I’ll give you some pointers that helped make my blog somewhat popular in a short period of time.

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