Almost Ginter Time

My box of 2011 A&G is scheduled to arrive today. This is the first hobby box I will break since my foray back in to the hobby in late 2010. Needless to say, I am very excited.

I’m also excited to be participating in

Good luck to all the other participants.

Finally, the most recent group break that Chris over at hosted has now finished. I selected the Cubs and was drafted the Twins.

I was ecstatic when he pulled me this card 

I would have been happy to walk away from the break with that card alone.

Then, in the second to last packs he busted, he pulled me this:

A relic of Mr. Cub himself and an auto of another former Cub, both of whom are in the Hall of Fame. It’ll be hard to top that in any group break I join for the next year or two I imagine.

Thanks again for the great break Chris! Both images where taken from his blog as I don’t yet have the cards in hand.

On a personal note, my wife gave birth to my third son last week. I think I will tie my first contest post in with his birth, so that should come soon.


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