2011 TA&G or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cards

Topps 2011 installment of the typically popular Allen and Ginter has many in both the blogosphere and online forums in a titter about this years release. Besides the typical bad collation and missing hits problems, I’ve heard of very few complaints from the set type collectors. It seems more of the person(s) that are chasing the big hits that are disappointed.

With that said, I opened my first ever hobby box last week, but am waiting for more Gint-A-Cuffs rules/scoring before I post the results. I have already traded away most of the good hits and oddball cards from the box to Chris at Nachos Grande in exchange for copious amounts of base cards. I did however find some retail Ginter at Target so I broke down and bought a rack pack. I’m sure all these cards that I didn’t already have will be in Chris’s package to me, but I couldn’t help myself. All of these (except the SP and the Cheryl Burke) are available if anyone out there wants them.

Top half of rack pack:

230 Mark Teixeira
242 Cheryl Burke (of Dancing Fame)
25 Nelson Cruz
AOM5 Cnidarians (I vaguely recall something about Cnidarians from 10th grade biology)
SRU6 The Human Blockhead mini
84 Gregory Infante (any relation to Omar)

Bottom half of rack pack:

89 John Axford
94 Josh Rodriguez
17 Jonathan Papelbon
307 Ryan Ludwick
102 Wandy Rodriguez
HH16 Dan Uggla (maybe you still need this one dayf?)

Once again, everything but the Ludwick and Burke is for trade. Burke is already in the mail for an auto request for my wife. She loves her some Dancing with the Stars.

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