’71 Set Chronicles

For a few years my Dad had been begging me to take his old card collection home with me each time I visited him.  In part, he was probably afraid my mother would end up “consolidating” it to the trash bin.  Mostly though, he knew that I collected cards and he never looked at them.  Better to go to a good home I guess.

Most of the cards ranged from 1967 to 1973 with the majority of the cards being ’69’s, ’70’s, and ’71’s.  I immediately fell in love with the look of these vintage cards and wanted to try and complete at least one of the sets.  The ’71 set was the closest of the three to already being complete (although it was still far short at only around 42% of the overall set).  My dad did however manage to knockout almost all of the high number short prints back when he was a young lad collecting these.  With that in mind, I felt like this was the easiest pursuit of all the vintage cards I had just inherited.

Even though the black borders show chipping and scuffing quite easily, I love the way they look.  I’ve added about 40 cards to the set from what I originally started with and am at around 47% completion at the current juncture.

I’d love to be able to trade for any available cards you blog readers out there might have.  My want list is at the top and should be updated.  You can also find it here:




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