2011 Gint-a-Cuffs; packs 1-8

First and foremost, I’m taking the lead of Plaschke and only posting pictures when I feel like it as I also lack a scanner and I will be fighting for the lowest box total yet! If this is breaking any cardinal rules of gint-a-cuffs, I apologize in advance.

Pack 1:

Mark Teixeira (-1; Yankee)
Zach Britton
John Lindsey
Ryan Howard
CJ Wilson
AOM10 Sacropterygii (+1)
PP8 Sancho Panza (+3)
Delmon Young Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 4
Running Total: 12

Pack 2:

Jorge De La Rosa
Matt Holliday
Cheryl Burke
Yovani Gallardo
Josh Johnson
Ryan Ludwick (+2 SP)
Brandon Beachy Mini Ginter Back (+2)
Samuel Morse MMF7 (+2)

Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 18

Pack 3

Josh Beckett
Joel Pineiro
Eric Sogard
Chris Carpenter
Ian Desmond
Drew Storen (+2; SP)
Josh Johnson Mini Ginter Back (+2)
Devid DeJesus Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 23

Pack 4

Marlon Byrd (+1, favorite team)
Jeremy Hellickson
Ozzie Martinez
AOM15 Primalaflkadslfkjalsfj (+1, evolution insert)
Edinson Volquez Mini Black Border (+3)
Mike Napoli Hometown Heroes (+1)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia Framed Relic (+10)

Pack Total: 16
Running Total: 39

Pack 5

Felix Hernandez (+1)
Kevin Youkilis (+1)
Heather Mitts
Rafael Furcal
Derek Jeter (-1; damn Yankees)
Matt Kemp (+2, SP)
MMF33 Euclid (+2 for Geometry)
AP21 Whopping Crane (+3 for extinction of species)

Pack Total: 8
Running Total: 47

Pack 6

Vernon Wells
Chris Coughlan
Annika Sorestam
Shin-Soo Choo
Jonathan Broxton
Michael Bourn regular mini
Jacoby Ellsbury Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 1 Seriously though, should I even entertain the thought of giving myself one point? Would I be better off substituting a retail pack for this?
Running Total: 48

Pack 7

Mike Minor
Hunter Pence (+1)
Daniel Hudson
A-Rod (-1)
Trevor Hoffmann BHS-11 (+3 for artists renderings)
Zack Grienke (+2, SP)
Jon Niese Mini SP (+3)
Miggy Cabrera Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 9
Running Total: 57

Pack 8

Chase Headley
Perter Bourjous
Guy Fieri
Daniel Boulud
Aramis Ramirez (+1, Fav. Team)
Brandon Phillips
Yovani Gallardo Mini Ginter Back (+2)
Chase Utley Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 4 This pack would have to be considered a food counniseiours special. With Fieri, Boulud and some guy named Bourjous who I seriously had to look up to see if he was a baseball player or another French chef.
Running Total: 61

So after the first third of my box I’m on pace for 183 points. Trust me though, it gets worse.

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