2011 Gint-a-Cuffs; packs 9-16

Pack 9:

Placido Polanco
Desmond Jennings
Royal Wedding
Aubrey Huff
Mat Latos
Jorge De La Rosa
Brett Sinkbeil Mini Black Border (+3)
Scott Rolen Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 4
Running Total: 65

Pack 10:

Troy Tulowitzki (+1, FP)
Francisco Cordero
Lars Anderson
Tim Lincecum
Justin Upton
Mike Stanton (+2, SP)
The Human Cannonball Step Right Up Mini (+#)
Lave Floating Fortresses (+2)

Pack Total: 8
Running Total 73

Pack 11:

Rajai Davis
Logan Morrison
Brandon Snyder
Yonder Alonso
Neftali Feliz
Casey McGehee
Josh Johnson Mini
Matt Cain Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 1
Running Total: 74

Pack 12:

Adam Wainwright
Ubaldo Jimenez
Jimmy Rollins
Miguel Cabrera
Robinson Cano Framed Relic (+10/2 = 5 because he’s a Yankee)
Tim Lincecum Mini
Ubaldo Jimenez Hometown Heroes

This pack had some Jimenez juju, but those damn Yankees keep cutting my point totals.

Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 80

Pack 13:

Yunel Escobar
Dexter Fowler
Lou Holtz (-1 sufferin succotash)
Marc Forgione
Prince Fielder Framed Relic (+10)
Aroldis Chapman Hometown Heroes (+1)
Buster Posey Mini

Pack Total: 10
Running Total: 90

Pack 14:

Mark Trumbo
Andrew Romine
Wandy Rodriguez
Jonathan Papelbon
Aramis Ramirez (+1, FT)
Choanoflagellates AOM (+1)
The Lincoln Fabulous Face Flocculence (+4)
I was pretty excited about this card and when I pulled it I had no clue as to it’s rarity. I believe the beard cards were falling once per case. That said, I was miffed the commish appointed only 4 points, but, thems the rules.
Travis Hafner Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 97

Pack 15:

Daric Barton
Ike Davis
Tim Collins
Elvis Andrus
Rickey Romero
Kurt Suzuki (+2, SP)
Brandon Snyder Mini
Jake Peavy Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 3
Running Total: 100

Pack 16:

Edinson Volquez
Derek Lowe
Jo Frost
Nelson Cruz
John Axford
Leo Nunez (+2, SP)
Daric Barton Mini Ginter Back (+2)
Jordan Zimmermann Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 105

So there you have it. After 2/3rds of my Ginter box, I’m averaging a ridiculous 6.56 points per pack. That puts me on pace for a grand total of 157.5 points. Will my last third pick up the pace? Will I finish Gint-a-Cuffs in last place? Only time will tell…but it doesn’t look good.

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2 Responses to 2011 Gint-a-Cuffs; packs 9-16

  1. Spankee says:

    That’s a sweet set of packs. The Fielder and Cano are good relics to get (even if a yank is /2). I would suggest contacting Beardy at the Mojo Beard with that Lincoln. I think he may be after that set, unless, of course, you are keeping it.

    • mth83vt says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve traded away most of anything with value in order to obtain the base set so just about everything that anyone could possibly want is already gone. I pulled the Fielder and Cano a couple days after the home run derby and all star game, so I was pretty excited to get both the game mvp and the derby champ in one box.

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