2011 Gint-a-Cuffs Finale: Packs 17-24

So after 16 total packs so far my total stands at a measly 105. Let’s see how the box finishes out.

Pack 17:

Edwin Jackson
Chris Perez
Shawn Michaels
John McEnroe (-1 for general ornery tendencies)
Brian Wilson
Brian Roberts
WMF3 Kasper Hauser (+3)
Lance Berkman Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 3
Running Total: 108

Pack 18:

Johnny Cueto
Kosuke Fukudome (+1, FT)
Jeremy Jeffress
Adam Dunn
Grady Sizemore
Danny Valencia (+2, SP)
Arakan Forest Turtle (+3, Endangered Animals)
USS Texas Floating Fortresses (+2)

Pack Total: 9
Running Total: 117

Pack 19:

Albert Pujols
Chrissie Wellington
Curtis Granderson (-1, Yankee)
Carlos Pena (+1, FP)
Minnesota Twins Highlight Sketch (+3)
Jayson Werth (+2, SP)
Manny Pacquiao Mini Black Border (+3)
Jason Kubel Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 9
Running Total: 126

Wow, two straight packs scoring a 9. I’m on quite a roll.

Pack 20:

Adam LaRoche
Ben Revere
Pedro Ciriaco
Aaron Hill
Matt Garza (+1, FT)
Ostracoderms AOM8 (+1)
Toto Portraits in Penultimacy (+3)
Andrew McCutchen Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 132

Pack 21:

Scott Rolen
Jered Weaver
Pablo Sandoval
Miguel Montero
Texas Rangers Highlight Sketch (+3)
Brett Gardner (+2-1=1, SP)
Amityville Haunting Uninvited Guest (+3)
Nikola Tesla MMF24 (+2)

Pack Total: 9
Running Total: 141

Kind of sad when the third best scoring pack of the break contains no hit.

Pack 22:

Andres Torres
Mark Buerhle
Peter Gammons
Matt Cain
Chone Figgins
Russell Martin (+2-1=1, SP)
Miguel Tejada Mini SP (+3)
Alex Gordon Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 146

Pack 23:

Luke Scott
Kristi Yamaguchi
Stan Lee
Joakim Soria (+1)
Victor Martinez
Shawn Michaels
SRU10 Tightrope Walker (+3)
John Danks Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 151

Pack 24:

Dan Uggla
Aaron Crow
Heath Bell (+1)
Huston Street
Alex Rodriguez Highlight Sketch (+2)
Cody Ross (+2)
HMS Victory Floating Fortress (+2)

Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 158

Not only is this the lowest score posted so far for gint-a-cuffs 2011, it may be the lowest score of all-time.

Either way I enjoyed my first experience and buying a box overall is going to make it much easier to put together the base set this year.

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