The Blog Works

My apologies to any readers out there in the blogosphere that have been clamoring for a new post. Life kinda got in the way the past couple weeks.

As the title of this post indicates, my blog is “working”. The main impetus for my beginning to blog was another way to gain trading partners to make it easier for myself (and others) to complete sets, get wanted/needed cards, and generally share in the camaraderie that exists in the card collecting world. Over the past couple weeks, I finally got my first couple hits from people that found my blog, checked out my want list, and shock of all shocks, had cards that I wanted.

It was awesome to see bear some fruit from my efforts in starting the blog and hopefully this will continue in to the future.

I’ve not purchased any cards/packs in about a month now as my wife and I have put our “fun” spending on hold while we sort out a couple other items. She has promised to make this up to me after we get the things sorted out and at that point I will hopefully be swimming in packs.

Finally, the NFL returns tonight.  This is typically greeted with much fanfare by myself, but after the lockout and all the drama that surrounded that circus, this is the least excited I’ve been about the start of the season that I can remember.  I am instead looking forward with great excitement to the start of the hockey season.  October 6th the Pens open the season against the Stanley Cup runners-up from last year the Vancouver Canucks.  Go Pens!  To enlighten your day, here is a picture of my kids supporting the Pens.


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