2011 Topps Chrome

I purchased a rack pack of ’11 Topps Chrome. I had two goals in mind with the rack pack. First, I wanted the three orange refractors to send in a trade to Brian over at Play at the Plate. Second, to score a Cubs or Pirate card.

I accomplished the first task, but that was assumed going in to the deal that my rack pack would include the three extra orange refractors. My rack pack contained nary a Cub or Pirate however. I did end up with the cards pictured below.

For those that may be unable to view the gallery, the cards are as follows:

Refractor: Paul Konerko (the refractors this year don’t say “refractor” on them anywhere…correct?)
’96 Vintage Chrome: Roy Halladay
Base Cards: Jason Heyward, Josh Thole, Victor Martinez, Mickey Mantle, Jon Lester, Gordon Beckham, James Shields, Eric Sogard, and Brett Wallace

All cards are available for trade (or giving away as the case may be) so let me know if you have any interest.

**Update** Halladay, Mantle, Martinez and Konerko have been spoken for at this time. Remaining cards are still available. **Update**

As far as this year’s offering of Chrome is concerned, at least Topps fixed the curved card issue. This set/release just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll happily collect the Cubs and Pirates that I can get my hands on from the release, but even then it isn’t among my top priorities. I don’t anticipate purchasing anymore Chrome so this should be all I have to offer as far as trading is concerned.

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  1. Orange chrome for me? Sweet!

  2. I was kidding. I knew you didn’t search ’em. I did get lucky. I can send you some Cubs/Pirates from 2011 Chrome if you want ’em.

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