Bo knows cards

More than 20 years after he last laced them up in the NFL I’m still obsessed with Bo Jackson. There have been several athletes that have played professionally in multiple sports, but none as impressively as Bo. He was my favorite player when I began collecting as a child and he remains one of my favorites today.

I’ve got multiple copies of his ’87 Topps card and a few other commons thrown in here or there. I was pumped to pull this card out of a jumbo wax pack today.

The pack was purchased at a collectibles store near where my parents live in York, PA. I love stopping in because they have a ton of vintage singles for sale. A good selection from the late 50’s through mid 70’s. They also have cheap junk era packs like the ’90 Donruss pack that Bo was pulled from. The pack also contained these two McGwire cards.

I’ll probably use one for a TTM request on Mr McGwire if there have been any recent successes.

I’d love to be able to add a Bo Jackson relic to my collection so if you have one to trade/sell be sure to drop me a comment or email.

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