Anybody like hockey?

My main priority since I’ve gotten back in to the hobby has been collecting baseball cards.  I build sets; I have a personal collection of players; and I am a team collector of both the Cubs and the Pirates.

Although I spend the majority of my time and dollars on baseball products, anytime I see a few packs of hockey resting in the discount bin at Target I can’t help but pull the trigger.  Hockey has been my favorite professional sport over the past few seasons and I am a passionate Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  In a time where both the NFL and NBA have had labor disputes in the past months (and going forward for the NBA), I love the NHL because it is a league and sport where it seems like the guys are all (or at least the majority) playing because they love the game.  I also love the fact that so many guys sign TTM, which is one reason I am always picking up discount packs, I want to find a few cards to send TTM to some hockey guys.

I picked up three packs of 08/09 UD Hockey Series One this past week.  Pictures below of what I pulled.

I already pulled out a Tyler Kennedy card (not pictured) to use for TTM so everything pictured is available if there are any other hockey collectors out there.  Only pulled one “Young Gun” and it was of a guy I’ve never heard of (Shawn Matthias).  I’m looking for a Young Gun of Eric Tangradi from 10/11 UD so if anyone out there has one to spare please let me know, I’d love to trade for it.

Finally, a plug for my own contest.  If you haven’t entered already, go read this post and submit a comment.  I’ll probably end all submissions tomorrow and random the winners.

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2 Responses to Anybody like hockey?

  1. Anthony Hughes says:

    Hockey is the funnest sport for me to watch. I love baseball very much, but as far as just enjoyment of watching a game, an athletic competition – Hockey wins. I haven’t bought hockey cards since the 70s, though.

  2. if you’ve never sent an Upper Deck card ttm for an auto before, make sure to prep it properly first or your auto won’t stick.

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