Need any ’71’s?

I went to the Chantilly CSA show this past weekend. I’ll try to throw a post up about that experience soon enough, but I wanted to put up a quick post about three 1971 duplicates I now possess. I didn’t manage my need list the best, and I ended up with these three cards that I already had

They are:  Palmer AL Playoff Game #3 (Card no. 197), Carolos May (243) and Al Ferrara (214).

The May is in the worst condition of the three, as evidenced by the accompanying picture.  I’d love to be able to trade these for ’71’s or any cards off my want list, so please, make me an offer.  I won’t refuse!

I managed to pick up a big chunk off my ’71 needs list in addition to these three cards I already had.  I’m at about 70% completion right now, which feels great as I’ve come a long way in the past few months.

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