One Card Challenge

Thanks to Night Owl’s One Card Challenge®™

and Nick at Dime Boxes

I recently completed ’11 Topps Series 2.

Well, it’s time for another One Card Challenge. Thanks to the Card Hobbyist I’m receiving two of the final three cards I need to complete my ’11 A&G set. The one remaining card is

332 – Luke Hochevar.

There has to be a Brew Crew hater out there that wants nothing to do with that card in their collection.

In any event, if anyone out there can help me out, shoot me a comment or email.

Additionally, I’ve been having problems posting comments on blogspot blogs recently. No matter how many times I try to enter the word verification, it spits back to me that “The characters you entered didn’t match the word verification. Please try again.” Anyone have any ideas there for me as well?

Finally, I found this card searching through a box from my youth recently.

I’m considering sending a TTM to the new czar of NHL discipline, but most/all the successes I’ve seen are just him sending back a 5×7.

Puck Daddy has this post about Shanahan right now:;_ylt=AmvPQyNA1uTo9rvXpK3Y6yB7vLYF

I have to say, the one thing I really have liked about Shanahan’s tenure so far is the video explanations of fines and suspensions (or lack there-in).

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  1. night owl says:

    I’ve got no solution for you for the comments problem. It seems to be a blogger vs. wordpress issue. Although blogger has been doing some things with the comments that make them look funky. I have no idea why they’d be monkeying with that stuff.

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