Mail Time // Trade Call

I’ve completed several trades in the recent weeks and I’ll try to highlight them all here in the coming days.

The first is a quasi-trade/surprise package from Wes over at

(Disclaimer:  I’m at least 90% sure that is who the following cards came from as my record keeping of late has been poor.  If I am mis-attributing receiving cards from a particular source, please feel free to correct me)

I sent Wes some Diamond Congnacs/Liquifractors from the Update Series and he sent me back some Cubbies!  I picked out my two favorite Sandberg’s:

Thanks again Wes! (at least, I think it was Wes)

Finally, I’m putting another last call/One Card Challenge (all credit to Night Owl) for the last card I need from ’11 A&G.  If anyone has card #332 please let me know!

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