41 year old cardboard

Below is my most recent purchase from eBay:

Six more cards I needed from the 1971 Topps set.

518 Joe Grzenda
523 John Odom
526 Ray Jarvis
532 Bill Rigney
557 Tom Satriano
629 John Hiller

The Odom card may be a duplicate so it is possible available.  I currently sit at around 84% completion for the set.  I have a lot of about 30 cards coming from Sportlots soon, my first purchase from them.  After I have them in hand I will close to 90% complete.  My main needs remain the fifth series (524-643).  It is exciting getting down to this few remaining cards.  As always, if anyone can help me out with my needs https://cardanathema.wordpress.com/want-list/ please let me know.


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