2 year old card review aka 2010 Topps Chrome Review

My brother, being the ever thoughtful guy that he is, recently picked up a few new toys for my kids.  He also purchased something for me, a value pack of 2010 Topps Chrome.  I  “got” back in to collecting around December of 2010, so I missed the flagship offering from that year as well as their Chrome offering so the gift was certainly appreciated.

The value pack contained 3 packs of Chrome with an added pack of 3 orange refractors.  Overall, the cards are very…chromey.  That’s about all.  The quite obviously mirror the flagship offering in design and photo elements, which I think are somewhat boring for 2010.  It satisfied my need to open a few packs of cards, but that was about it.  Without further ado here are my contents in both picture and written form:

Pack One:

Pack Two:

22 David Wright
123 Ubaldo Jimenez
218 Andy Oliver
16 Howie Kendrick Refractor

Isn’t it amazing that 11 years in to the 21st century we still haven’t perfected the card cutting process.  C’mon Topps.  Poor Howie is horribly off-center from left to right.

Pack Three:

96 Nelson Cruz
141 Evan Longoria
149 Carlos Lee
21 CC Sabathia X-Fractor








Orange Refractors:

34 Erick Aybar
205 Ian Desmond
211 Sergio Santos

Everything is available so leave a comment or send an email if you see anything you like.



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  1. Phil says:

    2010 Topps Chrome was horribly made…something about they used a different manufacturer for the “chrome” I think. But you are right…no excuse really, haha.

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