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In my latest thirst to knock some cards of my 1971 Topps set needs list, I ventured over to to purchase some cards for the first time.  I understood the basics of the site and it was somewhat easy to navigate.  I searched for the cards I needed, found one within my price range and added it to my cart.  I knew from searching the site previously that it would behoove one to try and add cards from the same seller as much as possible. This keeps shipping costs lower.  I ended up with an order of 24 cards all from the same seller.  I navigated through the simple check out process and within about 15 minutes I had completed my first sportlots order.

Then I played the waiting game.  I was somewhat anticipatory about the cards arrival because a few of the cards I ordered were in the somewhat dreaded “good” category on condition.  I simply want to complete the set at this point and am in no way a condition snob.  With that said, I was pleasantly suprised when the cards arrived and every single one of them was in great shape.  I was worried about receiving some beat up looking ’71’s but the cards were great.  I’m not sure if this in due to the seller I purchased from or if I had unreasonably low expectations, but I was very happy.

All in all, it was a great experience and I have another order queued up ready to go.  I won’t hesitate to buy from sportlots again.

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  1. I’m a fan of as well. Only once did I have a negative experience, and I’ve probably purchased from the site 25 times or so. You did the right thing by finding as many cards from the same seller as possible.

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