’12 Topps U.S. Olympic Team Review

In addition to my recent indulgence in a singular pack of ’12 Bowman, I purchased a few loose packs of ’12 Olympic cards.  I’m a huge fan of the Olympic games (both summer and winter, I don’t discriminate).  With that in mind I felt much less maligned purchasing these packs and I will be keeping them for myself (sorry if you were expecting free cards twice today).

Overall, I really enjoyed the look and design of the base cards in the set.  I was expecting the same look at the ’12 Topps baseball look with the surfboard design on the bottom.  Instead, I was greeted with a much more visually palatable look of this:

Once again, this is more visually appealing to me than the surfboard design.  I also look the added look of the encircled US flag.  The cards also at least quasi mirror my favorite Topps offering of Allen & Ginter by featuring the quasi-painted look of each featured athlete.

The base set seems relatively easy to collect at only 100 cards and I will be attempting to complete the entire set.  Of course, in typical Topps fashion, each of the 100 base cards has a three part parallel (bronze, silver and gold).  Although I won’t be attempting any parallel set, it would be somewhat unique to complete each of the four sets (regular base and each medal parallel set).  Here are what the parallel sets look like:

Finally, we have the different inserts that Topps includes in each and every product.  I don’t overly mind the inserts in this set as instead of coming up with a forced idea or implementation they feature different olympic events, arenas, or historical opening ceremonies.  I can actually envision collecting these insert sets instead of ignoring them or using them as trade bait.  Here is a look at the two I received:

I’m a big fan of the Olympic games and a big fan of this release by Topps.  With the over-saturation of product that Topps pushes out on an annual basis (my express written opinion) this set has been overshadowed some by other recent releases.  With that said, I enjoyed this mini-break thoroughly and will more than likely open more packs in an attempt to complete the base set.

I hope to have a want list up for this set sometime soon.

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