Take my Bowman, no seriously….take it

So in a moment of weakness I recently purchased a singular pack of ’12 Bowman.

I’d like to say that I wanted to see what the cards looked like, but that was easily accomplished by perusing other blogs or card forums (or ebay auctions or any other method).

I’d like to say that I scored a huge pull from my one retail pack of ’12 Bowman, but I can’t really say that either.

What I can say is that I have no want, need or desire to keep these 10 cards in my collection, so they are available to the first person to say that they want them (comment or email).

So please, someone take these cards.  Here they are in all their pictorial glory.

For the visually challenged, they are:

BP5 – A.J. Jimenez
BP63 – Todd McInnis
21 – Yunel Escobar
48 – Zack Greinke
161 – Jason Heyward
187 – Kevin Youklis
53 – Adam Lind w/ the American Flag background (some kind of insert?)
80 – Jimmy Rollins (Gold border, another insert?)
BCP84 – Bryan Brickhouse
BCP101 – Julio Rodriguez

Once again, comment or email to claim all ten of these beauties.  No cherry picking, you must take all 10!

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3 Responses to Take my Bowman, no seriously….take it

  1. Matt Wilson says:

    I’ll always take some free cards, did I make it in first?

  2. Chunter says:

    The Adam Lind looks like the 1994 Fleer All-star Inserts.

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