Ilya Anyone?

One of the things I have really enjoyed the most since getting back in to the hobby are through the mail autograph’s (TTM’s).  It is a unique way for fans to interact with professional athletes (or otherwise famous persons) and to obtain something for their collection.

Some of the best signers of the four major sports in the US seem to be hockey players.  For this reason I am constantly opening packs of low-end hockey cards in hopes to score a few to send out as TTM requests to players.  One of these recent packs yielded me an Ilya Bryzgalov card from his days in Phoenix (now on the dreaded Flyers).  After his magnificent performance in this years HBO installment of 24/7 (please see here if you have no idea of what I am speaking: and also here: ) I had to send him a card to sign and acknowledge how I’m a HUMONGOUS fan of his lessons on the universe.

I sent my request to him in the middle of January along with the customary self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).  About a week ago I finally got a return from Ilya.  He didn’t however sign my card for me.  He sent me this:

So not only did he go above and beyond by sending me a signed photo instead of my card, he had to address a new envelope to fit the card and pay the postage back to me (or someone from the Flyers did).  In any case, thank you Mr. Bryzgalov.

Now, here is my predicament.  I don’t collect photographs (signed or otherwise).  More difficult for me to store and keep protected.  I would prefer this go to someone’s collection that will enjoy it more than me.  If you are a fan of the Flyers/Bryzgalov/Hockey/People who think huskies are like hot blondes/etc.  leave a comment or send and email and this can be all yours.


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  1. Brad says:

    I’m a big flyers fan, what would you want in return for the photo?

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