Welcome Back Hockey (With a pack break of 09/10 UD Series One)

I was overjoyed to awake early this past weekend and find that the NHL and NHLPA had finally agreed in principle to a deal to end the lockout. I missed hockey. Tired of the overpaid players and whining I gave up watching the NFL this season. Even my beloved Steelers. I’m not a fan of the NBA, so the NHL was the only professional sport I was planning on investing my time, energy and talents in for Winter 12/13. The lockout threw a wrench in to that plan, but I could not be happier that hockey is returning soon.

A 48 game season should be exhilarating to watch as no team will be able to sustain a long losing streak if they want to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

To celebrate the end of the lockout, I found a discounted pack at Target of 09/10 Upper Deck Series One. I like buying the cheap hockey cards to use as TTM fodder. Without further ado, here is what I received:

photo 1 (4)

Go Sid!

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (4)

I only plan on keeping the Wideman to send as a TTM for a friend who is a big Caps fan, otherwise feel free to let me know if you see anything you want. I’ll send it to you gratis!

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