One (or Two) Card Challenge

Alright fellow bloggers.  I’m down to needing one (okay, actually two) cards from the 2011 Topps Update Series.  Cards #175 and 253.  I’m asking you to fulfill a Night Owl patent pending  one card challenge.  More info found here:

Now, I’m not expecting anyone to actually send me card 175.  You see, that is Mike Trout’s rookie card.  I would probably be better off trying to find a discounted blaster or repack box and pulling one myself.

Card #253 is another story.  Someone out there has to have a Scott Linebrink card, right? This could be the first time this sentence has been written, but, I will trade heavily in your favor for a Scott Linebrink card.

So someone, anyone?

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  1. Matt Wilson says:

    You’re in luck, I checked my still-unsorted pile and I’ve got a spare of each for you. Drop me a line.

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