Ilya Anyone?

One of the things I have really enjoyed the most since getting back in to the hobby are through the mail autograph’s (TTM’s).  It is a unique way for fans to interact with professional athletes (or otherwise famous persons) and to obtain something for their collection.

Some of the best signers of the four major sports in the US seem to be hockey players.  For this reason I am constantly opening packs of low-end hockey cards in hopes to score a few to send out as TTM requests to players.  One of these recent packs yielded me an Ilya Bryzgalov card from his days in Phoenix (now on the dreaded Flyers).  After his magnificent performance in this years HBO installment of 24/7 (please see here if you have no idea of what I am speaking: and also here: ) I had to send him a card to sign and acknowledge how I’m a HUMONGOUS fan of his lessons on the universe.

I sent my request to him in the middle of January along with the customary self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).  About a week ago I finally got a return from Ilya.  He didn’t however sign my card for me.  He sent me this:

So not only did he go above and beyond by sending me a signed photo instead of my card, he had to address a new envelope to fit the card and pay the postage back to me (or someone from the Flyers did).  In any case, thank you Mr. Bryzgalov.

Now, here is my predicament.  I don’t collect photographs (signed or otherwise).  More difficult for me to store and keep protected.  I would prefer this go to someone’s collection that will enjoy it more than me.  If you are a fan of the Flyers/Bryzgalov/Hockey/People who think huskies are like hot blondes/etc.  leave a comment or send and email and this can be all yours.


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’12 Topps US Olympic Card Needs

I’ve decided to at least put together the regular 100 card base set.  I may be shooting for the stars, but right now I’d also like to put together at least one of the parallel sets (bronze/silver/gold).  Bronze would be the easiest obviously as I think they fall one per pack.

I may also put together a few of the insert sets, so I’ve got a want list for those as well.  Below are all my needs and I will post them to my want list tab as well.  As always any help is greatly appreciated.  I have numerous items for trade, so let me know what you are looking for in the trade realm.

’12 US Olympic Card Needs:

Base:  1-4, 6, 7, 9-15, 17, 18, 20-26, 29-47, 49-53, 55-57, 59-65, 67, 69, 70, 73, 74, 77, 79-82, 85-87, 89, 90, 92-94, 96, 97, 99, 100

Bronze Parallel: Need everything except 1, 50 and 96

Silver Parallel: Everything except 84

Gold Parallel: Everything except 53 and 77

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’12 Topps U.S. Olympic Team Review

In addition to my recent indulgence in a singular pack of ’12 Bowman, I purchased a few loose packs of ’12 Olympic cards.  I’m a huge fan of the Olympic games (both summer and winter, I don’t discriminate).  With that in mind I felt much less maligned purchasing these packs and I will be keeping them for myself (sorry if you were expecting free cards twice today).

Overall, I really enjoyed the look and design of the base cards in the set.  I was expecting the same look at the ’12 Topps baseball look with the surfboard design on the bottom.  Instead, I was greeted with a much more visually palatable look of this:

Once again, this is more visually appealing to me than the surfboard design.  I also look the added look of the encircled US flag.  The cards also at least quasi mirror my favorite Topps offering of Allen & Ginter by featuring the quasi-painted look of each featured athlete.

The base set seems relatively easy to collect at only 100 cards and I will be attempting to complete the entire set.  Of course, in typical Topps fashion, each of the 100 base cards has a three part parallel (bronze, silver and gold).  Although I won’t be attempting any parallel set, it would be somewhat unique to complete each of the four sets (regular base and each medal parallel set).  Here are what the parallel sets look like:

Finally, we have the different inserts that Topps includes in each and every product.  I don’t overly mind the inserts in this set as instead of coming up with a forced idea or implementation they feature different olympic events, arenas, or historical opening ceremonies.  I can actually envision collecting these insert sets instead of ignoring them or using them as trade bait.  Here is a look at the two I received:

I’m a big fan of the Olympic games and a big fan of this release by Topps.  With the over-saturation of product that Topps pushes out on an annual basis (my express written opinion) this set has been overshadowed some by other recent releases.  With that said, I enjoyed this mini-break thoroughly and will more than likely open more packs in an attempt to complete the base set.

I hope to have a want list up for this set sometime soon.

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Take my Bowman, no seriously….take it

So in a moment of weakness I recently purchased a singular pack of ’12 Bowman.

I’d like to say that I wanted to see what the cards looked like, but that was easily accomplished by perusing other blogs or card forums (or ebay auctions or any other method).

I’d like to say that I scored a huge pull from my one retail pack of ’12 Bowman, but I can’t really say that either.

What I can say is that I have no want, need or desire to keep these 10 cards in my collection, so they are available to the first person to say that they want them (comment or email).

So please, someone take these cards.  Here they are in all their pictorial glory.

For the visually challenged, they are:

BP5 – A.J. Jimenez
BP63 – Todd McInnis
21 – Yunel Escobar
48 – Zack Greinke
161 – Jason Heyward
187 – Kevin Youklis
53 – Adam Lind w/ the American Flag background (some kind of insert?)
80 – Jimmy Rollins (Gold border, another insert?)
BCP84 – Bryan Brickhouse
BCP101 – Julio Rodriguez

Once again, comment or email to claim all ten of these beauties.  No cherry picking, you must take all 10!

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Sportlots review

In my latest thirst to knock some cards of my 1971 Topps set needs list, I ventured over to to purchase some cards for the first time.  I understood the basics of the site and it was somewhat easy to navigate.  I searched for the cards I needed, found one within my price range and added it to my cart.  I knew from searching the site previously that it would behoove one to try and add cards from the same seller as much as possible. This keeps shipping costs lower.  I ended up with an order of 24 cards all from the same seller.  I navigated through the simple check out process and within about 15 minutes I had completed my first sportlots order.

Then I played the waiting game.  I was somewhat anticipatory about the cards arrival because a few of the cards I ordered were in the somewhat dreaded “good” category on condition.  I simply want to complete the set at this point and am in no way a condition snob.  With that said, I was pleasantly suprised when the cards arrived and every single one of them was in great shape.  I was worried about receiving some beat up looking ’71’s but the cards were great.  I’m not sure if this in due to the seller I purchased from or if I had unreasonably low expectations, but I was very happy.

All in all, it was a great experience and I have another order queued up ready to go.  I won’t hesitate to buy from sportlots again.

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2 year old card review aka 2010 Topps Chrome Review

My brother, being the ever thoughtful guy that he is, recently picked up a few new toys for my kids.  He also purchased something for me, a value pack of 2010 Topps Chrome.  I  “got” back in to collecting around December of 2010, so I missed the flagship offering from that year as well as their Chrome offering so the gift was certainly appreciated.

The value pack contained 3 packs of Chrome with an added pack of 3 orange refractors.  Overall, the cards are very…chromey.  That’s about all.  The quite obviously mirror the flagship offering in design and photo elements, which I think are somewhat boring for 2010.  It satisfied my need to open a few packs of cards, but that was about it.  Without further ado here are my contents in both picture and written form:

Pack One:

Pack Two:

22 David Wright
123 Ubaldo Jimenez
218 Andy Oliver
16 Howie Kendrick Refractor

Isn’t it amazing that 11 years in to the 21st century we still haven’t perfected the card cutting process.  C’mon Topps.  Poor Howie is horribly off-center from left to right.

Pack Three:

96 Nelson Cruz
141 Evan Longoria
149 Carlos Lee
21 CC Sabathia X-Fractor








Orange Refractors:

34 Erick Aybar
205 Ian Desmond
211 Sergio Santos

Everything is available so leave a comment or send an email if you see anything you like.



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41 year old cardboard

Below is my most recent purchase from eBay:

Six more cards I needed from the 1971 Topps set.

518 Joe Grzenda
523 John Odom
526 Ray Jarvis
532 Bill Rigney
557 Tom Satriano
629 John Hiller

The Odom card may be a duplicate so it is possible available.  I currently sit at around 84% completion for the set.  I have a lot of about 30 cards coming from Sportlots soon, my first purchase from them.  After I have them in hand I will close to 90% complete.  My main needs remain the fifth series (524-643).  It is exciting getting down to this few remaining cards.  As always, if anyone can help me out with my needs please let me know.


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